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Exceptional Representation

The legal team at Front Range Defense has been serving the Denver Metro Area and San Francisco Bay Area with proven success since 2009. We are consistent, patient and professional, giving each new case our undivided attention to achieve the best result for you while walking you through each step of the process.


With Front Range Defense, you should expect the best. We practice exclusively in criminal defense so that we have the experience to help our clients overcome their most complex criminal issues. We believe in challenging and fighting a criminal system we view as systemically unjust and biased. We care about our clients and believe that providing effective defense means treating our clients with the dignity all people deserve. We use all of our resources to listen to you, gather and investigate all important and relevant information, and keep in regular communication with you so you can best assist in your own defense.


When you are investigated for or charged with a crime, you face life altering consequences. 


At Front Range Defense you get a team:

- With the knowledge to defend you well

- The compassion to treat your case as if it were our own

- Defense counsel that believes in the righteousness of zealously defending people charged with crimes

You are more than another case file to the team at Front Range Defense.  You are an important part of our mission in the long fight for justice overall in this country.

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