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How We Can Help You


We have been helping people fight against misdemeanor charges for more than fifteen years.  These cases can have serious consequences beyond just the loss of your freedom, including loss of your job or career, negative immigration consequences,  and domestic family law impacts.  It is crucial to have professionals on your side who understand the potential impact of misdemeanor charges on your life.  Most important, you need a team prepared to fight for you to achieve the best outcome whether that means an early dismissal, favorable bond conditions, mitigated sentencing, or taking your case to a jury, prepared to win an acquittal.  Call us a call today and see how we can help you.


Facing a felony is frightening and has potentially life altering consequences.  It is crucial to have a professional on your side who is experienced and able to identify all the issues that need to be addressed in a felony matter.   We have years of a successful track record prevailing in felony cases pre-trial and with full acquittals at jury trial.  We've handled thousands of cases and felonies from low level theft or drug possession cases to serious sex offense charges, and the highest level homicides.  Let us help you by providing the experienced representation you need if you're facing felony charges.


Front Range Defense offers professional advice to our clients on expungements, dismissals post-conviction, and sealing records.  A conviction, or even an arrest, can haunt you years down the road and cause problems with employment, child custody, renting or leasing, or even volunteering.  Let Front Range Defense help you find out what you can do about your criminal records now.

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